Version Control

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TortoiseBZR-Style Right-Click Menus in KDE

I think most folks are probably well aware of the Windows Subversion client, TortoiseSVN. It has been around for a number of years, and is easily one of the most handy version control clients on any platform.

Recently, I have been wanting to be able to do the same thing in Linux. Simply right-click and update. Sure I can use the command line, and sure I could even use Bazaar Explorer, but I don't always have a terminal open, and Bazaar Explorer doesn't work with files as much as workflow, and that doesn't always fly.

Bazaar Branching & Merging on Subversion Repositories

In my last post, I talked about using Bazaar on Subversion repositories. Soon afterward, David Rubin asked me in IRC if I can do the standard branching and merging on a Bazaar working copy of a Subversion repository, and how easy it is.

Using Bazaar on Subversion Repositories

Soon after I started developing version 2.0 of OpenLP, we moved OpenLP over to and to using Bazaar for our version control. Over the last (nearly) 2 years of using Bazaar, I've really come to enjoy working with it, and the workflow that the Bazaar integration in Launchpad offers.