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Raoul on UI design

I'm sure that most folks in the IT world have come across Joel Spolsky, and his blog, Joel on Software. Now Joel has some fantastic articles on recruitment, and I think he really knows his stuff when it comes to employment. However, every now and then he seems to have a delusions of grandeur and he thinks he's an expert on other things.

Use the <HOME> and <END> keys please?

Dear Apple and Mac OS X application developers,

Please, please, please, please, pretty please!! When you write an application for Mac OS X, make the <HOME> and <END> keys do their job! Firefox devs especially! I'm tired of writing up a post or something similar, wanting to go back to the beginning of the line, pressing <Apple>+<LEFT>, and going back a page in my browser, effectively throwing away my post!

Is it really that hard? After all, *some* applications get it right!

Kind regards,